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About the Author

I’m Not Delusional , I Know I’m Not The Best Poet, Greeting Card Writer, Children’s Book Author, Or Lyricist On The Planet, But What I Do Know If You, The Reader, Bare With Me There Will Be Something In My Works That Will Put A Smile On Your Face And Perhaps A Tear In Your Eye. What’s A Moment of Joy and a Precious Few Moments of Soul Searching Worth? I’ve Been Writing Poems and Short Stories for about Fifty Years. And One Question That My Mother Asked Still Haunts Me. What Are You Going To Do With All Your Writings? Hopefully, This Web Site Will Answer That Question. In This Web Site I’ve turned some of the Poems into Greeting Cards. Some Even Became A Song. Some Became a Short Children’s Story. These Works and This Web Site I’m Dedicating to Her, I Lost Her Two Years Ago at the Age of Ninety Eight and Wherever She Is Now I’m Sure She’s Smiling. And I Hope You The Reader Will Be Smiling Along With Her.

I Hope You Enjoy the Website